The ultimate workout in less than an hour

The ultimate workout in less than an hour

When you make the decision that you want to get fit and improve your physical condition there are many options open. You could just to take up a sport like cycling. Many take up jogging and for most people joining a gym seems to be the obvious choice. If you want access to the greatest range of equipment, then the gym makes sense. Most gyms also offer various fitness classes. These are great for those people that prefer to be in a group, rather than than going it alone.

Regardless of the option that you take, it takes time to get results. People want to see results and therefore it’s important that you choose activities that will get have the most impact.

So, what is the ultimate workout you can do in less than an hour?

Strength and conditioning

The answer is simple. The ultimate workout is strength and conditioning. Often referred to as S & C, strength and conditioning is the ultimate training programme and the really great news is that it is suitable for everyone.

S & C is fantastic for building up your strength and stamina and for weight loss. It really is a win-win situation.

Strength and conditioning is most closely associated with sports training. Whether the sport is football, boxing, swimming or many other disciplines, strength and conditioning training is vital for them all. But this doesn’t mean that you need to be an elite sportsperson to feel the benefits of strength and conditioning.

Here are some of the things that S & C is great for:

Strength and conditioning – Sport

If you are training for a particular sport, you will need strength, power and endurance, or a combination of all of these. S & C is superb for developing all three.

Strength and conditioning – Weight Loss

S & C training is the best there is for body fat reduction. Your calorie burn is increased after a good workout. This means that you carry on burning the calories after a workout has finished!

Strength and conditioning – Other benefits

Weight training means that your muscular strength is improved. When this is combined with cardiovascular exercise, it means that your fitness levels are boosted at the same time.

When you have lean muscle mass your metabolism is controlled. This helps to stop the increase in body fat that naturally occurs as you get older. Strength and conditioning helps with power and speed, but it also strengthens your bone mineral density. It helps with your joints, your posture and reduces the risk of general injury.

Strength and conditioning will improve your physical shape and your general health and fitness. You’ll feel more mobile, energised and confident in yourself.

Why is a personal coach a great choice for strength and conditioning?

There’s little doubt that strength and conditioning training is the ultimate workout that you can do in less than an hour. However, you are bound to see the best results and feel the most impact if you have a personal trainer/coach working with you.

There is nothing stopping you enrolling at a gym and doing your own S & C workout. But there’s more to a good strength and conditioning workout than spending a bit of time on the treadmill and a bit on the weights!

Most gyms will offer you an induction. They will show you how to use all the equipment and often they will put together a workout for you to do. But after this you’re on your own.

The benefits of having your own coach is that they can produce a workout plan that is perfect for you, but then they will be there to support and push you when necessary. Your coach will know when to adapt your workout to take you to the next level. This is how a strength and conditioning workout will have the most impact.

You can start your search for a coach to help with to have the ultimate workout in less than an hour here: Coach Per Hour.

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