Things to remember when choosing a coach for children

If you want to reach your potential in any area of sport or fitness, a good coach is vital. That much is obvious. For example, if you have decided that you want to start getting fit there is absolutely nothing stopping you going it alone. If you have great self-discipline and you are a determined person, then it can be done.

However, the vast majority of people would agree that it’s much easier and more effective if you have a coach guiding you, supporting you – and pushing you when you need it.

A qualified coach is best placed to give you the advice you need on your journey to fitness. They are the ones with the skills, experience and expertise to get the best out of you.

Choosing a coach for children

Choosing the right coach for children can be a daunting prospect for many parents. Firstly, regardless of all the obvious benefits of coaching, you are handing over your complete trust into the hands of, potentially, a total stranger. That’s a tough ask for any parent!

Here are some tips about how to make sure you choose the perfect coach for your child.

Peace of mind – Enhanced DBS

The recent news stories of historical child abuse by football coaches were particularly shocking. Everybody hearing these revelations were disturbed by what had happened to so many boys in the past – and how widespread the issue appears to have been.

It would be perfectly understandable to be worried about the prospect of employing a coach for your child in the light of these stories.

But it is important to remember that safeguarding measures have greatly improved in recent years. When you a considering hiring a coach for your child, one absolute necessity is that you seek proof that the coach has an Enhanced DBS. This document is required by any person involved in supervising, training or caring for children – either with others or on their own. It is an assurance that a person is suitable to be working with children. All CoachPerHour coaches are fully DBS checked.

Positivity, passion and patience

A good coach, especially a good coach for children, should show passion for what they do. They should have a positive outlook and they need to show that they have a patient manner.

Being brilliant at Mathematics doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a brilliant Mathematics teacher. A great teacher shows positivity and passion for their subject, but they also need to be able to get their message across to young people.

A sports coach is the same. Being gifted at football doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be an excellent coach.

When you look at a coach profile, or you meet them for the first time, their passion and positivity should be obvious to you.

Qualifications and experience

There are various qualifications and certifications that coaches work towards to show they have the skills needed to be a good coach. Obviously, there are too many different qualifications to list them all here because there are so many different sports. But it is a good idea to do a bit of research about what the typical qualifications are for a particular sport before choosing a coach, so you know what to look for.

You might also want to look for a coach who has lots of experience, but don’t dismiss a coach is less experienced completely out of hand. Just because an individual hasn’t been coaching for years and years, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a great coach. Everybody has to start somewhere!

Personality – Finding the right fit

When you are looking for a coach for your kids, you want them to be appropriately qualified and have all the right credentials. But even if they have all of those things, perhaps the most important thing is that your child likes them and enjoys the sessions.

After one or two sessions, it will be obvious whether things are going to work out with a particular coach.

You can start searching for the perfect coach for your child at Coach Per Hour.

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