Private coaching can enhance your performance not only in sport

How private coaching enhances performance?

The benefits of private coaching

If you want to improve your performance in any sport then private coaching is a fantastic option. In fact, if you are serious about reaching your potential then you really need to be thinking about working with a private coach.

However, whilst enhancing your sporting performance (whatever the discipline) is the obvious benefit of working with a private coach, it’s by no means the only benefit.

If you can find yourself a great private coach, you are bound to improve on the track, field or pool – but you are also likely to see advantages away from the field too. Here are some of the other benefits:

Coaching creates confidence

At some point it is likely that any young athlete will lack or lose confidence. It’s easy to doubt your own ability and question whether you will ever be ‘good enough’ to compete in your chosen sport.

Working with a private coach to fine tune performance will inevitably bring about improvements, results and success. And it’s that sense of achievement and pride that easily transfers into other aspects of daily life. It’s a catalyst for success in the classroom, for example, as success breeds confidence and you begin to realise what can be achieved through determination.

The importance of finding the right coach

This is why you’ve come to the right place at CoachPerHour. Finding the right coach for you is crucial. Not all coaches are good coaches, obviously. And in the same way being an excellent team coach doesn’t necessarily mean that coach will make an excellent private coach. Similarly, not all great players will make great coaches.

There are certain set of skills and attributes that are required. But when you find the right coach and a bond is established and you click, the positive effects and influence that can be attained really knows no bounds. The best coaching session is one that brings about improvement but one that is enjoyable too – and a session (as we talked about above) that creates confidence through determination.

A coach must connect with the athlete

So it’s important that you and your private coach have a connection. It is a relationship that is built through rapport and trust and is much deeper than the usual athlete/coach relationship. It will usually be apparent pretty early on whether a private coach and you are going to be a good fit. Trust your instincts and don’t waste valuable time expecting that things will get better – they probably won’t. Just move on and search again for your perfect private coach.

The search will definitely be worth it in the long run. Look out for people you know hiring a private coach. Don’t assume that this was a choice based entirely on performance in sport. Ask about the wider impact that the coach has had on the athlete’s life. Chances are you will see that it is not just their sporting performance that has been enhanced.


MiszczSzymon260709Private coaching can enhance your performance not only in sport