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CoachPerHour is a UK based service that connects athletes, fitness enthusiasts and the general public with private coaches and personal trainers. Finding the right coach can take time and can be a frustrating process. We make it easy and trouble-free. Search for coaches, communicate, book and pay for sessions – all through our seamless online portal.
It doesn’t matter what level of ability you are at. From beginner and novice to semi-professional, you can find a coach or personal trainer who is perfectly suited for your needs.

The benefits of joiningCoachPerHour


  •   Search 1000s of coach profiles across the UK
  •   Our coaches train across a variety of disciplines
  •   Rate coaches you have trained with through ‘Star Scores’ – our very own performance rating system
  •   Get a free email consultation with a professional coach before you commit to a session

If you are looking for a professional coach or trainer in any sport start your search with  CoachPerHour now!

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If you cannot find your sport on our list please email us on or fill up the contact form.

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