About CoachPerHour

CoachPerHour connect athletes and fitness enthusiasts with private coaches.

At CoachPerHour, three things make us tick: health, fitness and sport. We want to share our enthusiasm for these things with as many people as possible – that’s the thinking behind the CoachPerHour service.

Because we know that the UK loves its health, fitness and sport. Whether you just want to boost your personal fitness or you aspire to reach a professional standard, there are a vast number of coaches and trainers out there waiting to help you get started.

That’s important – CoachPerHour is for everyone! It’s not just for dedicated sports enthusiasts who want to try and become elite athletes. It’s also for the everyday man and woman in the street who just wants to get active, get fit and get healthy.

At CoachPerHour, it’s all about connecting. For athletes, fitness enthusiasts (and anyone!) we make your search for your perfect coach simple and swift. For coaches, we take the hard work of finding new clients out of the equation. Build your profile and watch them come to you!


Our Mission

As sports enthusiasts ourselves, we fully appreciate the importance of private coaching. It’s fundamental in any athlete reaching the next level in any sport. But it’s not just for serious athletes. CoachPerHour wants to connect anybody who wants to boost their fitness and live a sportier, healthier lifestyle with a quality coach who can help them do it! Our goal is the get the people of Britain up and running.

By removing the potential obstacles – Where do I find a coach? How do I get more clients to coach? – We allow you to get on with the important stuff: reaching your potential!

CoachPerHour Benefits

For Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Individual coaching is the secret behind countless stories of sporting excellence and personal success. Everyone who is anyone in the world of sport and fitness owes their success, at least in part, to private coaching. Just add determination!

Private coaching + determination = success.

Find a Coach

For Coaches

As a private coach at CoachPerHour, you give something back to athletes. You act as their mentor, guide and role model. The rewards are fantastic and there is no better way than private coaching to share your skills and passion for the sport you love.

Become a Coach

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