How CoachPerHour can do for Coaches

Coaches / Teachers

CoachPerHour gives you the opportunity to connect with more clients in your area. With communication and bookings seamlessly integrated, you can focus on inspiring your clients and grow your business and reputation at the same time.

For Coaches
What CoachPerHour can do for Athletes

Athletes / Students

Whether you are a novice or a professional, aiming to step up from the bench to the starting line-up, or you just want to improve your general fitness, CoachPerHour enables you to find the perfect trainer for your needs.

For Athletes


About Coach Per Hour

About CoachPerHour

CoachPerHour connect athletes and fitness enthusiasts with private coaches

At CoachPerHour, three things make us tick: health, fitness and sport. We want to share our enthusiasm for these things with as many people as possible – that’s the thinking behind the CoachPerHour service.

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